Best of Ashland - Favorite Local Artist. 2018,2019 Ashland’s News and Review John Lambie is an artist, educator and actor living in Ashland, Oregon. Previously, he lived on the central coast of California, Scotland, Illinois, Utah, New York, and England. While directing over 45 theatre productions he became accustomed to drafting set designs and helping his students to paint them. A lifelong doodler, he was encouraged by a friend to take a painting class while living on the coast of Scotland in a little fishing village a few short years ago. John now has paintings hanging in homes and establishments in Scotland, England, coastal California, Los Angeles, Oregon, Wisconsin, Utah, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Washington. John uses deep colors to evoke emotions, paints with oils and acrylics, and uses representational and abstract images to bring whimsy and imagination to the canvas. 



I like the process of preparing a canvas and starting something new. Color spreading on a canvas and blending with other colors is a visceral, emotional high for me. Dramatic colors make me feel positive, energized and connected to the moment I'm attempting to capture. Though I try my hand at representational places, scenery, people or things, everything becomes abstracted because I paint things the way I remember them. Most of my recollections are grounded in my emotional response to the moment. So painting is a journey of the moment more than a planned itinerary.